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271/365 – Picture Lock

Last night, after months and months of remote work and remote sweat and remote tears, my editor, Lauren Walsh, and I finally achieved picture lock! on my thesis film.  What’s picture lock, you ask?  Well, picture lock is a wrestling move where you choke a bitch . . . NO, people!  It’s where we say, “Hey, this film requires no more cuts.  We have the film we want, the film we need and we love it.”  So, officially, we’re in post sound.

No! Not a picture of The Rock. Picture Lock!

I really, REALLY want to show all of my readers (all 100 of them — I made that up.  For once, I just wanted to believe that I have more than just family reading this.) . . . I want to show all my readers the film.  Alas, I can not.  I can assure you it’s going good.  I can assure you that it will be an excellent short film.  I can also assure  you that in the next year, if you want, you may have a chance to view it in it’s entirety.  Till then, I have one month to get this puppy finished.


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