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273/365 – Wanted: Mediocre 60s Style Apartment Lacking Charm
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273/365 – Wanted: Mediocre 60s Style Apartment Lacking Charm

The big difference between apartment hunting in Los Angels and Chicago is the amount of time you have to give yourself to find a place.  In Chicago, it’s not unheard of to start looking for an apartment 5 week before your move in date.  The chances of finding that perfect apartment is excellent.  Los Angeles?  Nope.  You have to start looking the week before you move . . . which seems asinine.  The stress is already mounting you like a fat whore on pay day . . . sorry, that was gross.  But it’s true.  A week?  Really?

Your right arm is up for rent? Does it come furnished?

Most every apartment Megan and I have looked at has had a move in date of NOW.  “When is the move in date?” we ask.  “ASAP.”  “Oh, well my wife and I are practical people, unlike much of Los Angeles, and we were looking for Aug 1st.”  Cue awkward look.  The property owner’s face contorts into a kind of weird amalgamation of Renee Zellweger and Walter Matthau —  a perpetual look of confusion coupled with some kind of rapid aging process . . . shortly followed by a rye smirk.  It’s as if we asked them if we could eat their dog and then they justified it as a joke.  “Well, okay, you can apply, but if someone wants it now, we have to give it to them.”

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Apartment?

Then it becomes a decision based on how best to waste our money.  Do we want to put down rent on an apartment we won’t use for a month — essentially paying for both our sublet and our new place.  That’s a huge wastings of 1500.00.  (Wastings — opposite of Savings.  I made it up.  Deal.)  For a couple with a very limited income, it’s hard to justify that.  So, we keep on trucking, looking at apartments way too early as a way, at the very least, to see what’s out there.

A two bedroom. Excellent!

So, today, it was a shock to find 2 apartments with move in dates we wanted: August 1.  Pretty nice places too.  Take a gander at the one we put an application in for (sorry — spoiler alert):


Now I have a headache and need to stop looking at apartments.  Ugh.  That and I have buyers remorse.  One thing that was pounded into my head by my mother and step-father before we left Chicago was how much we would miss our Chi-Town apartment.  They mentioned it a little too much.  “You guys are sure gonna miss this place.”  “I tell ya, Tim, this apartment is pretty great.  You’re going to miss it.”  “Hey Tim and Megan, you guys should just kill yourselves in a love suicide, because you’re leaving the pinnacle of your apartment living experience.”

That’s the real reason Romeo and Juliet killed themselves — they knew they’d never find a better apartment than the ones in Verona.

So, Megan and I can’t help but compare what we’re seeing in LA to the best apartment known to man.  The fact is we will never find an apartment like that here in LA.  LA apartments are SO different from Chicago apartments.  Most of the Apartments in LA are not as old as the Chicago ones — so they lack the kind of charm and character that we’re so used to.  We’re doing our best to adjust our thinking, but it’s hard.  Hopefully this place will work out for the next year at the least.  I mean, it has a pool!

Did we mention the pool is in an apartment MEGA PLEX!

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