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Monthly Archives: June 2012


253/365 – LEGOS!

Listen, readers.  It’s been a long three weeks.  While the dates of the past 20 or so posts have been correct of calendar references, they’ve been written way past those dates.  Today, I catch up (actually, it’s tomorrow).  I’m at the final catch-up post and […]

Hi Meg.  Please don't hurt me.

252/365 – Stuck In A Net(Work)

In the pursuit of making contacts out here, I’m rectifying my decision to not go to the PBC kick off party last night by going to actual conference today.  Not that I wasn’t going to go at all, but now I have some catch up […]

Get away from me you bitch!  This is Hollywood.  You don't belong here!

251/365 – Social Butterflies

This is an exciting day.  It’s the first day of the internship I’ve rally been looking forward to.  I start working with a manager.  He mostly deals with comedy talent so this is right up my alley.  I can’t really give anything away, but he […]

"Thank you, Mr. Nugget, for coming in today.  We'll be in touch."

250/365 – Getting The Part

My transition to Los Angeles has been fairly easy.  I’ve visited here enough to understand the lay of the land.  I’m not so susceptible to culture shock.  I know about gridlock traffic, so it doesn’t surprise or really bother me.  I have a general understanding […]

Dear God, I'm Milton.

249/365 – Beacon

Day two of the intern introduction week.  Today, it’s Beacon pictures.  Makers of such films as Spy GAme, The Commitments, The Hurricane and Air Force One which has one of my favorite pieces of dialogue — “Give a mouse a cookie . . .”  “. […]

Soon, this will be my chair and I will rule the tine peasants of Hollywood.  Ha ha ha!

248/365 – The PGA and an Assassin

Today it starts . . . the long process of starting at the bottom.  I wouldn’t even call it the bottom . . . I’d say I’m somewhere between the Earth’s core and some some deep earth oil deposits.  I’m an intern.  A gloriously wonderful […]


247/365 – David Von Wassenshauser

We bought a car!  We bought a car!  Woooo-hooo.  It’s a 2005 VW Jetta! This is the closet thing we have to a kid right now, so let us relish in the thought that Megan just pushed a 10 ton vehicle through her cervix . […]

Oh, hey, Megan!  I found Sunday.  It was right here.

246/365 – Lost Sunday

Our time in LA and the preceeding drive here has left Megan and I in a daze.  Days are stringing together like one long roll of Fruit by the Foot, minus the high fructose corn syrup.  I take mental notes of the days so that […]


245/365 – A Day to Detox

Vacations are great . . . driving cross country is great.  However, when you write a daily blog, it creates a vacuum that sucks all your posts away.  What I’m saying is that vacations are like a Dyson . . . so beautiful and it […]


244/365 – Cars & Fairytales

Today we look at boxes of steel that sit on wheels and move people to and fro.  Today, we consider eating up a large amount of our savings to procure one of these metal behemoths.  Today, we become real Californias . . . No – […]