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274/365 – Nerd Reward (For Being A Baby)

Oh, God.  Am I one of those people who needs to shop to feel better about my life?  I hope to god I’m not.  But all evidence points to — Waaa Waaa, I’m a baby.  I’m tiered or looking at apartments.  I want a treat!

Lebron knows what I mean.

Megan and I spent the day looking at more apartments.  I know we sent in an application for one, but still, we want to keep our options open.  So, after looking at a few places, I just had to buy something . . . and there was a GameStop nearby.  So bad.  So, so bad.  AND they were having their buy 2 used games, get one free deal.  DAMN IT!

Yeah, it’s something like that.

What’s worst, Megan encouraged me to buy something.  As if my happiness with video games had an osmosis effect — making her happy.  Are we dysfunctional?  No . . . I’m dysfunctional.  But playing video games give me solace — so sue me.  Some people have gold.  Some people have model planes.  Some people have crack.  I have Assassins Creed: Revelations – The Signature Edition, LA Noir Game of the Yr Edition and Dead Island.  I bought LA Noire so Megan and I can get the history of our new home.  You know, all the murder, corruption . . . what freeway is best to get to the Valley back in the 1940s.  The other two games . . . I’m just weak.

We’ll write the game off as part of our apartment search.

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