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275/365 – Like The Sands In An Hour Glass . . .

Remember Yesterday . . . how I bought 3 games for real cheap at Gamestop?  Yeah, that yesterday.  Well, today is the proof I needed of how awful of an idea that was.  See, video games cause one thing to happen . . .time to slip by like a fart in the wind.  A very, very harsh wind.  A powerful, cruel wind.  Plans for things like exercise, keeping current in this blog . . . eating.  Like I said yesterday, I’m weak.

I can lift at least 6 games at once!

So weak that I came home and played.  And played.  And played.  And played Dead Island for 5 hours.

So Megan and I have struck a deal.  She’s going to hide my games in the paratment and let me play as a reward for being productive with things that I need to get done.  I know, it’s lame, but its a process that could help me save time.  So, here’s to motherly love and video game bribes . . . and I still have yet to finish Skyrim.  That damn game came out with a new downloadable campaign.  Seriously, I’m doomed.

Doomed? Nah. Come into the my fold. My fold of evil red eyed horses from Skyrim . . .




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