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276/365 – Apartment Flip

When Megan and I were looking for our first place in Chicago, we were running into dead ends left and right.   One apartment was taken out form under our noses.  The others were just so sub par.  We decided to place our money on an apartment in Andersonville — a nice two bedroom in the building our good friends had just moved from.  We liked it, but we were not in love with it.  That was a Friday.  ON Saturday night, Megan found a Craigslist ad for an apartment that just came on the market.  We thought, what the hell.  We were the first to view it on Sunday and the rest was History.  We were in love.

Well, it happened again.  We put in an application for a place last week.  We weren’t in love with it, but we were also sick of looking.  Then Megan found a Craigslist ad for an apartment that just opened up this morning.  She went in, saw it and fell in love.

We quickly filled out an application (Me doing so sight unseen) and now we have a brand new, one bedroom apartment in Los Feliz — in a historically preserved Hollywood apartment complex from the 20s with wood floors and planty of old LA charm.  Perfect.  We could not be happier.   It’s within walking distance to the UCB Theatre; the Vermont strip of restaurants, shops and theaters and Thai Town.  It

Life is coming together in Los Angeles.  Here, check out some pics.

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