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278/365 – Feeling like Crap

Went into my PGA internship and after al the crap we ate yesterday, I feel hungover.  But I didn’t even drink anything.  Why do I feel so crappy.  Then there’s the fact that everyone in Hollywood has the day off but us — so there’s no work to be done.  All I want to do is go home and play video games and veg out.  Megan promised she would leave one out for me.  I have no drive to write.   I’m going to play Dead Island.

There are times I wish future Timmy would just drop out of the sky and say things like, “Hey, moron, don’t eat that hamburger.  You’ll feel like crap tomorrow.”  Or, “Hey, Timmy, why don’t you have something to eat now instead of waiting 8 hours and then feeling like crap because your blood sugar just spiked.”  Or even, “Timmy, I love you.”

Like this guy did.  Enjoy.  I’m done with brain power today.

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