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282/365 – The Journey
© 2012 Timmy Tamisiea. All rights reserved. Come on, Bane.  I'll try to like you too.  Stop pouting.

282/365 – The Journey

The Dark Knight Rises might just be the only movie  that gives me heart palpitations as the release gets closer and closer.  The last film to do that was . . . The Dark Knight.  Okay, I really like Batman.  A lot.  It’s not just Batman that does this.  When I sat in the movie theater back in 2002 and watched Peter Parker fumble with his new found powers, I had tears welling up in my eyes.

Or Tobey was smacking me in the face with those beautiful hands of his.

The fact is, these comic book movies are like my childhood dreams coming to life.  They represent everything I held dear as a youngster.  When my family was going through it’s severely broken phase, I was escaping via Looney Tunes or comics.  I remember in the summers, walking 3 miles (which for a 10-12 year old, was a LONG distance) to go to Cosmic Comics. I would spend at least all day there, browsing the comics . . . the discovery of super heroes I’d never heard of, finding graphic novels with titles like The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke . . . I was in bliss.  As I walked home, I was so impatient because all I wanted was to read the new books I just bought.

I even liked this guy . . . Groo The Wanderer. So weird.

So when someone fully realizes and visualizes my childhood heroes, it’s hard not to tear up.  In 2008, as I sat in the theatre for the midnight release for The Dark Knight, I would never have guessed just how emotional that movie would be.  I never have and never will have the same reaction to another movie.

Come on, Bane. I’ll try to like you too. Stop pouting.

While my mouth was agape the whole time, my mind’s mouth was open all the same.  I was floored.  I was taken aback.  I felt like someone got it so right that a new bar had been set for films.  So high, in fact, that I was content with never seeing another Batman film again.

Of course, the Bat-niiples fiasco made me say the same thing.

Then this trailer came out today.  There’s been a lot of trailers released for The Dark Knight Rises . . . but nothing so complete, so monumental as this.  It encompasses not only a trilogy, but the journey and the emotional that each step has produced.  I am not embarrassed to say, I teared up.

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