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284/365 – Three’s Company Land
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284/365 – Three’s Company Land

Today, at 6pm, I leave Los Angeles and head to sunny San Diego . . . well, I mean, sunnier San Diego?  Um, just as sunny but further south San Diego?

Slightly warmer San Diego?

Whatever.  I’m heading down to San Diego to attend the biggest nerd event of the year . . . THE SDCC!

What?  How can I have readers who don’t know what the SDCC is? . . . . . . . . Oh.  Because my readership consists of my mom and mom-in-law . . . . and some random people trying to find timmyandmegan.com.  My wife comes before me, other Timmy and Megan internet people.

SDCC, for the uninitiated and not nerdy people is the San Diego Comic Con — the largest comic con in the world.  Comics, movies, toys, games, TV shows, celebrities . . . it ‘s all there.  This is where big announcements are made for nerd movies.  This is where comic creators discuss the upcoming year’s events.  This is where people dress up in nerdy costumes (called cosplay), free to look wired without ridicule.

Even this guy!

And I’m not merely going as an attendee.  Oh no.  I’m going as a “professional” with Anvil Entertainment . . . my Friday internship.  Mike, my boss, is there with a booth and he’s putting up a live production of his show Tournament of Nerds.  I feel like I got a golden ticket.

God damn it, Charlie, give it back!

Seriously, I have been wanting to go to the SDCC for years.  To be able to go for free and to work the event — amazing.  So, I have all my work done for the day and I just can’t seem to focus on anything else.  I really haven’t been this excited since before I found out that Santa Claus was . . . I can’t say that.  I feel like kids are reading . . . I haven’t been this excited since I was 12 and it was X-Mas eve.

Eh, forget it. Santa’s going to The Con, too.

I know I have to work, but Mike is goving me time to enjoy the Con as well.  So, needless to say, I’ve downloaded the official SDCC App on my iPad and iPhone.  I’ve mapped out all the sessions and booths I want to visit.  Megan and I discussed it. and I’m a-okay with taking some cash out of savings for the event.  I’m even signing up for an official Walking Dead Escape.  AMC has turned Petco park (where the  Padres play) into an apocalypse full of zombies.  For a mere 75 bones, I get to run through the park, trying to avoid zombies, while I make my way to a safe zone.

Yeah, I’m LIVING the apocalypse. Dying in it is for suckers and overweight people whom I will push down to save myself.

Really, this is like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one . . . and delivered by Jesus himself.

His superpower is that he can compel you.

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