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  • By TAKE 5: The Embarrassment List | johnlinkmovies on 24 Feb ’13 at 10:25 am

    […] I could make this 100 movies I am embarrased I haven’t seen.  Having grown up the child of immigrant parents who didn’t let me go to my first movie until I was in 8th grade (yes, I was 13 years old the first time I went to a movie theater!), I missed out on basically every single movie that ever shaped our generation.  (Fun fact: that first experience at the movies was to see Dunston Checks In–about a monkey who runs amuck in a hotel.  Possibly not the best introduction to the world of cinema). In no particular order, here are the 5 movies that usually elicit the biggest gasps (have you been living under a rock?!?) when people find out I haven’t seen them: 1) Schindler’s List. Question:  How am I supposed to psych myself up to watch this movie?  Do I watch it on a Saturday morning, so I have the rest of the day to shake off the sadness?  Do I watch it on a Friday night so I can go straight to bed and cry myself to sleep?!  I am pretty sure I showed up to this party 10 years too late. 2)  Silence of the Lambs. See #1 3)  Gone With the Wind I am a commitment-phobe.  I want to watch it.  It’s on TV a lot.  I can just never give myself over when I still have last week’s episode of Downton Abbey on DVR to catch up on. 4) Wizard of Oz I have seen parts of this movie here and there over the years, I know what happens, and I have even seen the musical.  But, I have never actually seen this movie in its entirety from beginning to end in one sitting. 5)  The Godfather I know, this one probably makes me less of a human being.  I have seen Scarface…that’s basically the same thing, right? There are so many more…I would say at least once a month a movie comes up that people are horrified I haven’t seen! JOHN HERE AGAIN… Schindler’s List is tough. But it is worth it… Silence of the Lambs is SUPERB… Gone with the Wind should be on my list too (and Wizard of Oz is)… See my notes on Godfather above. I bet it is on a lot of people’s list. Thanks for participating!!! ——————— Brad is another manager at the movie theater and knows as much about film as anyone I know. He should have a blog but does not. He is a Batman fanatic, so I will instead link to this picture of Batman. […]

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