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289/365 – The Difference Between Justice and Punishment

Just another day at the office.  Reading scripts.  Getting this blog written.  Eating stuff.  Doing stuff . . . . stuff.

Then I find this short film made by Mr. Thomas Jane.  Yes, the same Thomas Jane who played The Punisher.  You know, the comic book character who has no super powers except rage and anger.  His power comes from Vietnam and guns.  There’s been a few movies made about this vigilante, but none of them have ever really captured the tone and bad ass . . . edness? of the comic book antihero.

All right ladies, settle down. Mr. Jane will Punish everyone in due time.

But, Thomas Jane, who played the man, decided to make a film . . . a love letter as he called it . . . to his antihero . . . hero.  Let me tell you, it is ten times better than any of the films that have been made.  Despite the fact that he used the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises, it really captures the essence of this long time fan favorite.

I CAUTION YOU, THIS FILM IS EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND GRAPHIC (just like it a true film version of The Punisher should be).  WATCH AT YOU’RE OWN RISK:

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  1. Joseph Fellers
    Posted 2 Jun ’13 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Powerful, unforgettable. I came across your site quite by chance while randomly surfing the net. I’m 88, and this film has enriched my twilight years.

    –Joe Fellers

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