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291/365 – COMMENT!


Do you see a theme here?

Someone’s reading this blog . . . I hope.  The counter is about to reach 46,000 hits in a about a week.  That means spam bots are still on the move, my mom is refreshing the web page all day-everyday or I actually have some readers.

Or I’m just one crooked mother f’er.

So, I’m going to make this simple — I never started the blog to become famous or get “hits” bit I’ll tell you, it’s nice to get those hits.  Still, without comments, I really can’t anticipate who is reading this blog and what they want more of.  I’d actually find it easier if someone would comment, “Hey, Timmy, your blog sucks.  We want more Tammer the Hammer . . . ”  Or something to that effect.

Having to write a post EVERY SINGLE DAY is . . . . well, it’s fucking hard.  Making up topics, never having the time to create any deep writing, sometimes just spouting off my day — it gets tedious.


I’ll say that again —- if you are reading this.


You may have noticed that after 288 consecutive posts, things can get a little stale.  I would love the criticism.  I would welcome the compliments and I would cherish the suggestions.  So use my comment section.  The only person who really does is my mom and she;s biased . . she thinks everything i do is great.  And it is . . . to her.

The button is right down there . . . go for it!

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  1. Ann etienne
    Posted 24 Jul ’12 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

    Ok what can I say I am biased…but not really…I really do like your blog. I love reading about your feelings about Megan. You are lucky…now I know that you are extremely talented..it shows in your writing….There is only one thing I can say..the apple does not fall far from the tree…you are the apple of my eye. Keep up the good work.

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