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292/365 – The Dark Knight Rises
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292/365 – The Dark Knight Rises

. . . . . I’m kind of speechless right now.  I just walked out of the Producer’s Guild’s pre-screening of The Dark Knight Rises — the final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and the film I’ve been anticipating all year.  There’s murmuring by Hollywood producers that range form “the writing was awful” to “that was great” to “Jesus, that was 3 hours and 45 minutes?  Can I pee now?”

Sweetie, it just got really warm in here . . . did you piss yourself.

It’s hard for me to write a review for two reasons.  First and foremost, I don’t want to ruin the film for those who haven’t seen it.  And seeing that I got to see it well before anyone I know, that would be everyone.  Any criticisms or praise I give it really has to do with the details.  And writing about the details — well, spoilers.  And I am not into spoilers.

Except for cheese. That’s the ultimate spoiler.

Secondly, more than any other franchise I have ever seen, the Christopher Nolan films force me think about them for days — if not weeks — after the end credits scroll.  Unlike the Avengers or Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises (along with its predecessors) is the thinking man’s comic book movie.  It does not allow you to escape without having to ponder the themes and issues layered within.  So, I know that for days I’ll be sifting through the plot, the action, the dialogue and the scenes to distinguish between themes, allegories and what I like and don’t like.  I’ll be reading reviews, discussing the films with friends and trying to form my own opinion.

Okay, now that you judged Prometheus, on to The Dark Knight Rises already.

See, I’m not a reviewer, so I refuse to formulate a concrete opinion of a movie this big before I’ve explored every possible facet.  Unfortunately, with a film like this — a film that is banking off the opinions of so many fanboys and comic book nerds — you are more than likely to get the rash judgements that I’m trying to avoid.

For instance, you may get a rant from a well respected man in the comic book community: Harry Knowles, owner of “Ain’t It Cool News” — a website dedicated to all news nerdy.  A friend sent me his review earlier today.  I read it after I saw TDKR and was livid.  Go ahead, read a page or so — don’t feel like you have to read the whole thing, it gets really borning and annoying after awhile — TDKN REVIEW.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Batman and I can just wait while you get some reading done.

Done?  Good . . .
The review is a a crock of shit.  Not that I disagree with the points he makes about the film’s flaws, but his reasoning behind them is asinine.  As opposed to a fair yet critical reviewer, he sounds like a fanboy who’s upset that Nolan strayed from the source material – an argument appropriate for the first film, but not when there’s two previous films.  The source material becomes a byline and the motivations for action must be placed solely on the films that created the world of TDKR.  (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)

Well, Operation Iraqi Freedom was nothing like Desert Storm, so I don’t think it was a good war.

Mr. Knowles is entitled to his opinion, but please make intelligent arguments.  His sound whiney and sad — like another overweight, overly opinionated nerd sitting on his couch dictating how he would have made the film.  Well, then, Harry, get out of your office and make a film.  Make a short one at least.  Until you’ve been through the process, don’t complain.  The whole “this isn’t like the comic or the Michele Pfiffer cat woman or the graphic novel” argument is proof positive of someone who didn’t really view a film as much as he had a running narration while a film played in front of his face — a narration chalk full of preconceived notions and judgements.

See, that’s Chris Nolan on the right and Bob Kane on the left. They’re fighting for the soul of Batman.

With that said, and without giving anything away, it’s a great film but still a flawed film.  A lot of “coincidence to convenience” problems and the dialogue is a little heavy handed.  Still, it wrapped up what could be one of the best trilogies ever filmed.  I mean, take into effect that almost all the effects are practical. And while flawed, it’s still a damn fine movie.  That and Ann Hathaway is a damn fine Cat Woman.  The 3rd act may be controversial for comic fans but I thought it could possibly be stronger than The Dark Knight’s 3rd act.
Just go see it and form your own opinion.  Leave the reviews for the academics.


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