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293/365 – Comedy Westerns

Farting around a campfire.  When you do it as a kid at a sleepover camp, it god damn funny.  When you see grown men do it on a movie, you may just asphyxiate from laughter — especially when you’re a 10 year old kid.  I mean, watching adults fart is like getting a an open invitation to pass to pass whenever you feel like it.  Thank you, Mel Brooks, for making the lives of all adolescent males a little less restrictive.

When I first saw Blazing Saddles, I was about 12.  My dad had taken my brothers and I to Colorado to go camping with his old college pal, Skip.  Just dudes being dudes.  You know, fishing and camping and hiking and watching cowboy comedies.  I swear, when they put that film on, it felt like we were all in on a dirty little secret.  It was as if this was one of those “don’t tell your mother” moments — unsaid but all together true.

Shhhhhh. I know you and your dad are farting — tee hee.

The campfire scene literally turned me red.  I almost peed my pants.  It was fantastically stupid and wonderful smart all at the same time.  The thing is, I’m not a huge Western fan.  To me, it’s like the Potebelly’s chain in Chicago – a sandwhich shop that EVERYONE seems to crave  . . . everyone but me, that is.  I never CRAVE Potbelly’s.  If I go to one, it’s because it’s convenient.  BUT, when I do, I’m always immensely satisfied.  That’s what Westerns are for me . . . movies I never seek out but am always happy I watched  — Except The Good, The Bad and The Ugly . . . man that’s a boring movie.

I don’t like your film, so what? Stop looking at me!

Blazing Saddles, however, is my first real run in with the Western genre.  So, I have this affinity for comedy westerns.  They are few and far between, but they are a nice way to introduce the uninitiated to the genre.  Blazing Saddles, Little Big Man, The Three Amigos!, Maverick — they’re just fun movies . . .

So, my next screenwriting goal is to write a comedy western.  Which is no small feat.  Westerns aren’t exactly looked on as sources of great cinematic pleasure these days.  Then you add comedy to the mix and you get garbage like Wild, Wild, West.  God, kill me now.

If you’re expecting me to write something funny here, may I remind you to just look at the picture again.

So, I’m tackling this screenplay carefully and with ample source material — mainly taking an old film noir from the 50s and rewriting it as a comedy and setting it in the west.  I actually think this will work out fine.  I just have to find the time and really do my homework — i.e. not just writing blindly.  Here’s to my 6th feature screenplay! . . . I can’t tell you much more than it’s title: The Battle of Grand Island.  Eat that, haters!

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    Have gun will travel…I hope you said pardon me! When you f——–ted

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