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301/365 – Back to Basics
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301/365 – Back to Basics

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics.  You know, return to a way of doing things that isn’t complicated by layers of emotion, experience and just plain old bias.

Well, not that far back.

Today, I took a huge step back, planted my feet where they had been years ago and started a level 1 improv class as The Upright Citizens Brigade — UCB for you uninitiated.  Yeah, yeah – red ball and zip zap zop it was not.  Sure, I was nervous, had that feeling I was just stumbling backwards into oblivion.  However, it just felt real good to take out the performance pressures and the team woes and the promotion desires — get all that bullshit out, all the pretension — and just perform.

Hell, we weren’t even performing… We were just doing tiny, basic improv exercises.  It was stuff I had mastered 7 years ago but reminded me of important rules I had stored away.  Lessons I had either incorporated into my subconscious or completely forgotten.

Lessons like “You’re a dork, kid.  Now sit in the corner.”

It was also nice to be in a class full of students who were all pretty good themselves.  See, the thing about improv that I had missed was the support.  No other theatrical style fosters more of a team effort than improv.  I had been stuck in situations — like at Second City — when I was so mired in trying to impress my castmates and get hired that I forgot that improv, over everything else, is supposed to be fun.   I missed the fun.  I missed the pats on the back.  I remember when I was in my first improv class, when I was done with a scene, we always patted each other on the back when we were done.  A simple gesture that showed infinite success.

And a loss less gay than its athletic counterpart.

So, here’s a classroom full of people who want to have fun.  They may have hidden agendas later, but right now, they serve improv and not themselves.

I’m really looking forward to this class.  We had to dip into the savings account to make this work, but it’s well worth it to have a few Saturdays where I can just play.  Because right now, playing is really is perfect right now.

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