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302/365 – Day-O-Megan

Megan’s on fire . . . SERIOUSLY!  She’s on fire.  Put her out!  Please!

But she’s so cute when she’s illuminating a dark room.

Silly readers.  Would I actually just write that she was on fire?  Give me some credit.  I would have at least Skyped it…

Anyway, Megan and I can be pretty hard on ourselves.  We see successes as not enough, or failures as a dent in our skills.  This may be why we’re attracted to one another.  The fact is, though, Megan is really rocking it out here in Los Angeles.  Two months in and she’s in a play, doing a staged reading, got accepted into the Groundlings training program and is doing a spec commercial this coming weekend.

She’s also cheating on Robert Pattinson . . . TOPICAL!

Yeah… She’s on fire.

Today was a Day-O-Megan as I ventured northwest of LA to see her perform in not 1 not 3 but 2 shows.  The first was The Farnsworth Invention — a play by Aaron Sorkin about the invention of television.  You know Aaron Sorkin, right?  The guy who writes dialogue for people to walk and talk to — walkin’ and talin’.  We call it “Being Sorkin’d.”

Megan was fantastic.  She’s had some difficulty with this show, but in the end, she was by far one of the most natural and stunning women up there.  And she looked damn fine in her 1930’s costumes.  She handled the language perfectly and even had  a subtle French accent.  I was really proud of her.

It’s the Director in the editing room effect at play here.  One of the reasons editors don’t like to be on a set (other than the god awful hours) is they want to avoid all the drama — all the blood, sweat and tears — and focus on the footage.  They need to be impartial.  Sometimes, when a director is in the diting room, they will want to keep a scene or a shot because, “Man, we worked, like, two whole days on that shot,” or, “That dolly shot cost us half our budget, it needs to stay in.”  It can be quite the opposite too.  They may want to delete a shot because, “My actor was such a bitch that day,” or, “Dude, I was on an hour of sleep, the shot sucks.”

Or, “I don’t think she was alive while we were taping. her face just . . . sits there. Whatever. Keep it in.”

If an editor can look at all the footage without having any of the knowledge of the set dynamics and drama, his or her focus is solely on cutting together good footage that serves the story.  Serving egos or budgets becomes a non-issue.

This can happen in theatre as well.  If a rehearsal process is especially grueling then an actor is more likely to judge their performance and the show more harshly.  Megan has had a tough rehearsal process.  The hour drive to and from the theatre was probably a factor in that.   Of course, that drive through southern California’s countryside is perfect for going over lines.

Excuse me sir. Ma’am . . . No, I don’t want any oranges. i was just wondering if you I could do a monologue from my show that starts in an hour. Really nervous.

She did fantastic.  She can forget all the drama and hardship of the rehearsal process and move forward knowing that she and the cast did excellent.

The second show she did was a staged reading of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull.  Megan played Masha — the perpetually depressed and sour young lady of Chekhov’s 1800’s . . . comedy?  I actually really like Chekhov and it’s rare that I get to see a play of his performed live.  I have mostly read them . . . and here’s the thing; when you read Chekhov, it’s just depressing.  When you see Chekhov, it is so god damn funny.  Chekhov really brings to light the idea that plays are meant to heard and performed, not read.

The same goes for Tolstoy. So funny!

Megan was hysterical.  No, she didn’t have hysteria . . . although that would have fit the time and place of the play.  She was funny.  And she was so focused.  I don’t think she broke character once.  For a staged reading, that’s amazing.  She just gave line readings that were spot on.  I was really proud of her.  This move has been tough but I think for someone new to LA, she’s really rocking this scene.


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  1. Linda Asbell
    Posted 1 Aug ’12 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    Makes me happy that you 2 are so supportive of each other. Love, loyalty , commitment makes your marriage a good one!

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