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304/365 – Musical Auditions

You know that dreadful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach before an important event?   It feels like pulsating orb radiating electricity to your limbs.  It’s really powerful.  It takes away your appetite, disrupts your sleep patterns and even screws with your initiative.

Yeah, just like that.

It makes you single minded with a tunnel vision that is solely directed towards one goal . . . Or better yet, the outcome of a goal.  No, I’m not talking about acid.  Although, maybe I should . . . I’m talking about very directed stress and worry.

See, the Conan test is approaching fast.  It’s this Friday and I haven’t felt this tense in years.  It’s a very peculiar and specific . . . I’ve regressed back to my freshman year of high school.  I was all pins and needles and anxiety during my very first high school audition.  I was 14 and I was auditioning for a roll in the Marian High School (all girls school, might I add) production of The Music Man.

Of course, to me, this man is the only TRUE music man.

The audition itself was nerve racking.  Not knowing anyone.  Reading in front of a bunch of directors and older high school kids . . . I was a wreck.  Especially in front of the older kids.  You know how you worship anyone who’d slightly older than you when you first start high school?  I just wanted to impress.

There he is — it’s that stupid frosh. Impress us, frosh! IMPRESS US!

But that was nothing compared to the next day, waiting at my high school (Creighton Prep – an all boys high school, I might add) for the casting list to arrive.  I could not focus on anything.  I was so nervous.  I just wanted to be part of this production and I was stressing myself out . . . just one big ball of tension.  If you would have touched me I would have imploded.

That’s how I feel now – waiting for Friday.  And if history has taught me anything, the period after the “test” will be 10 times worse.  Sitting in my 8th period study hall Freshman year . . . just waiting for the bell to ring so I could check the results.  It was like a STD test but a lot less damaging if the results were positive . . . Not that I would know . . . I’ve never had an STD . . . I’m serious.

Shut up, Katy Perry.

And, so, here I sit, my tension rising, as I get closer and closer to getting my dream internship.

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