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All things change . . . positions.  Or, nothing stays put for long.  Um . . . to every thing, turn, turn, turn . . .  Damn it.  I’m saying it’s moving day, for crying out loud.  YES, another move.  So many moves.  Moves every where.  I have more moves than Michael Jackson.

Please, disembodied head of Michael Jackson, please look over us as we move.

I’m telling you – it’s so true: once you get movers, you’ll never turn back.  We hired a couple of Russians (Mexicans?  Nah.) to get our stuff form the storage unit to our apartment.  Beautiful.  They did an excellent job.  Efficient.  Courteous.  Fast . . . which is also how I’m described as a lover.

I’m also referred to as “The Butler.”

Still, we feel exhausted — just not completely ready for this move.  We still have stuff at our sublet, the apartment still has work left  undone and it just feels way too overwhelming.  I think we’ve been stalling with the clean up and move out of our sublet because once we’re out, we’re truly citizens of Los Angeles.  The whole move – since May 21 – becomes concrete.  No longer are we nomads.  No longer do we live in the limbo between Chicago and L.A.  Once we sign that lease and move EVERYTHING into the apartment, our journey is over.  And that is kind of sad and scary.

While the sublet has become a home, it has never been OUR home.  And so, while we were comfortable, we were never really settled.  And not being settled means not having to commit to anything.  It’s all just too weird.

I guess the journey is over.  We start anew.  Kinda sad but exciting . . . I need a vacation.


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