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306/365 – Test Prep

Okay, so here’s how the Conan test will go.  At noon, tomorrow, Friday the 3rd of August, I (and 7 other applicants) will have exactly one hour to write 10 joke premises.  NOTE: not jokes but premises- i.e. a basic set up: “Yesterday, Prince William and Kate shared a hug during an Olympic tennis final.”  Shit like that.  I will have the entirety of the web at my disposal, but the premises must be culled form legitimate sources — so no wikipedia and current events is key.  I have to have a bibliography and the premises must be slit as follows: 2 Olympic themed, 4 headline and 4 from other sources.

Unfortunately, this guy’s out of the zeitgeist, so my job is that much harder.

It amazing how this will force you to see the news in a new perspective.  I am watching the reports with an ear for setups.  What is fodder for poking fun? What has a hidden meaning?  You even start searching out weird news stories, reading headlines for the joke itself . . . this is my test prep.  Watching the news.  Sorry all you MBAers — suckers!  I get to watch TV!  Boom!

See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Maureen Feeney
    Posted 27 Aug ’12 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    Your mother recommended your blog!!! I have enjoyed reading it. Good Luck at Conan!!! Keep writing…..Thank you…

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