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310/365 – Like Moses Through The Desert

Finally.  FINALLY, we get to spend the night in our own apartment.  We’re like the Israelites returning home after wandering the desert for years.  It just feels like since May 21, we’ve been without a country – without a home – nomads, searching for a simple place to hang our hats.

Okay? Where’s the hat tree?

And when we get to what is supposed to be our home, we can’t move in.  Moses showed us the promised land and said, “Oh, um, Israel needs some maintenance done.  Sorry.  Can you just sit on this hill with me and wait?  We’ll bring your Israelite stuff down there, but you’ll have to go back to the desert for a few days.  Get a tan.  You know . . . wait.”

If not’s good enough for the homeless then . . . well, I guess you are homeless.

It’s just stunk.  Feeling displaced.  It’s not fun.  In the time it took them to finally fix our shower (enough to take a shower but not to be complete) we could have unpacked much of our things and installed that damn air conditioner so that we wouldn’t be sleeping in a sauna.  I can tell that it’s starting to wear both of our patiences thin.

Still, at least now we’re in our Israel.  Maybe not comfortably, but enough to say Home Kinda Sweet With A Touch Of Bitterness Home.

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  1. Ann etienne
    Posted 14 Aug ’12 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    Home sweet home

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