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311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams
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311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams

5:23pm.  Returning to my desk at the PGA. I sit down and look at my laptop.  There’s an e-mail form a Mr. Clark – the writers assistant at Conan . . . This has to be the results of the monologue internship test.

Or it could be a confirmation e-mail for my internet order.

Now, usually, I would have sat there for a minute and contemplated the worse case scenario.  I would have silently psyched myself up with a, “Now, if you don’t get it, the world keeps on turning.  You keep on breathing.  Other internships become available.”

Stuart knows what I’m talking about!

However, I did not take that approach.  My heart sank for a beat and I just opened the damn e-mail.  No contemplation.  No stalling.  I even surprised myself.  One click and it’s staring me in the face.  I didn’t even get half way down the first paragraph . . . for there it was, in the middle of the page, in BOLD letters:

–          Timothy Tamisiea (Monday-Friday)

My first reaction is of silent glee.  Like, real silent, eye popping glee.  You have to realize, I have had a lot of small victories and millions of losses.  This is a huge win.  I’m just not used to this.  There’s even part of me that feels vindicated for some of those people and institutions in Chicago who never had any faith in me.  I won’t sour the win with that, but it’s still a tiny nugget in the back of my head.

Tasty, tasty nuggets.

Now, of course, there are other names below mine . . . but I can’t help but notice that mine is first.  I’m sure this is arbitrary, but I can’t help but let the thought slip that it’s because I was the first one chosen; that my premises were the best.

It doesn’t matter — I have my dream internship.  It’s an amazing feeling.  I called Megan as she was in the middle of brushing her teeth.  I almost made her choke on the toothpaste.  I called my brother Pat and he was floored . . . and then he demanded that I introduce him to Conan.

I just feel really good.  Really, really good.  One of those moments you just want to hold on to for as long as possible.  I’m heading to Ikea to meet Megan for some furniture shopping.   I know I won’t have time to put this on Facebook tonight, but I am just going to sleep well that I’ve made my family and friends proud . . . and myself.


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