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312/365 – Fuün Tersjks with Ikea
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312/365 – Fuün Tersjks with Ikea

Legos where my thing when I was a kid . . . Legos and GI Joe.  I’ll save The Real American heroes for a post about my love of warfare with laser guns that have 0% accuracy.  Here I’m preaching about Legos.  Those unbeleivable bulilding blocks that held endless possibilities.

Like a date for the prom.

However, for me, there was only one possibility per package: the intended structure.  Rarely did I deviate from the instructions.  I loved following them to a “T”; seeing the cover picture take form one layer at a time.  I could build Legos for hours based on the instructions.  Yes, eventually I built my own constructions, but Lego builidng is a lot liike improv: you need to know the rules before you can break them.

Cut to today, and you’ll probably find me playing with the adult version of Legos . . . IKEA!  Yeah, yeah, yeah – I’ve heard it all before.  Ikea is cheap.  It isn’t.  In fact, the quality of Ikea products is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend on them.  If you get a 15 dollar coffee table, you’re getting a cheaply made coffee table.  If you get a 150 dollar coffee table, you’re getting a well made coffee table.

And if you get a game controller coffee table, you’re losing your social life.

That’s besides the point.  Many people lambast Ikea because you have to build the furniture yourself and many find the wordless instructions confusing.  I am not one of those people.  I get the same satisfaction from building Ikea furnitire that I did from Legos.  Something about those Skandinavians and their obsession with working for your product.

When you buy American, you get this guy for free!

The fact that there are no words in the instructions makes it easier.  How many times have you read instructions and really been able to follow along perfectly?  Detailed pictures are worth a thousand words.  Just like in film, we’d all rather see what a character is doing than to hear them talk about it.  Really, the correlation between Ikea instructions and Lego instructions is staggering; no words, detailed pictures in steps, all adding to a completed project.  Take a look.



 So, it’s really not a mystery why I look forward to building Ikea furniture.  I find it fun.  In fact, maybe more tasks would be better with Ikea-like instructions:

Anyway, this is what I’m doing tonight.  Building Ikea furniture.  And I have absolutely no problem with this.  I call if Fuün.

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