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315/365 – Driving Motivation

When I was living in Chicago, going out was no problem.  If I was invited anywhere, I would just hop in my bike, a bus or the train and whip on down to said bar/apartment/eatery/theatre/snuff film shoot . . . you know, anywhere where my presence was deemed necessary.

Like here, for example.

Now that I live in LA, I’m afraid I’m giving my car more importance than I should.  That designation is causing me to skip out on social events.  Take tonight, for example.  I was asked to grab drinks and dinner.  I had suggested a place closer to me so I could bike or walk.  Everything was cool until the location had to be changed.  I probably could have ridden my bike, but it felt like a car trip — I’m still not used to estimating distances here in LA.  So, instead of a nice night out, I stayed home.

This is just like having dinner and drinks with friends. No difference what-so-ever.

Granted, I had been unpacking all day in the new apartment.  Granted, there’s no air conditioner so I was one huge hot mess.  Granted, I’m a huge wimp. Because that what this boils down to; I’m a wimp.  Why don’t I just go out and meet up with folks?  Really.

So, the goal for the rest of the month is to 1) get a better handle on the biking distances of Los Angeles.  Chicago was a snap.  Give me a location and I knew how long and how hard of a bike it would be.  Here, in LA, the bike distances are so foreign as to be nonexistent.  Time to change that.

And the fact that this seems to be the universal sign for a bike lane in LA.

2) I need to get motivated.  No matter how lazy I feel, getting out of the apartment to spend time with peeps is much better than sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

In any case, I miss my bike, so getting off my tucass and riding again will feel absolutely fabulous.

Right, ladies?


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