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322/365 – Brown Bottle Flu

Last night I had 4 Tecate beers.  Four.  F-O-U-R.  You know how many fingers are on your hand, minus the thumb?  Four . . . okay, maybe five.  Here’s the thing, ether Tecate really doesn’t jive with me or I truly am hitting the breaking point in my drinking tolerance.  I know it’s been going downhill for awhile, but come on!

Now it just looks like unproductiveness in a can.

I went to my pal’s house, Seth Farley, as he was having a apartment warming party.  I biked there.  I had a few beers.  I biked back.  No apparent buzz, and with the heat, the bike ride should have sweated out a majority of the booze.  I mean, this is basically the same as when I’d have a show at Second City in Chicago, have a few beers afterwards and then bike back home.

What the hell happened?  I feel so tired and woozy and gross this morning.  Just awful.  I mean, how do alcoholics really function?  I know they’re on the chase to keep the buzz and the drunkenness for as long and consistent as possible . . . but really?  I am just dragging myself today.  It isn’t even a full blown hangover.  It’s just a feeling like I’m getting sick.  Sinus headache, weakness, lethargy . . . damn it!

It reminded me of a short film I saw a few months back called Successful Alcoholics.  Instead of trying to write a blog post with absolutely no energy, I’m giving you this funny, sad, depressing and ultimately fascinating look into the life of two co-dependent alcoholics.

Enjoy.  zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . .

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