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325/365 – HK3K

Got up at 6am.  Arrived in Culver City at 7:30am.  Got in a van and was driven to the set of Megan’s favorite show, Hell’s Kitchen.  Yes, I was able to dine in the kitchen of everyone’s favorite blowhard chef, Gordon Ramsey.

Stop trying to make me fall in love with you.

Stop trying to make me fall in love with you.

He’s actually an incredibly charming man.  He came out and introduced himself to everyone, thanked us and even gave teh youngest diner (an adorable 8 year old) some on screen time.

I  ran in the first ever Hell’s Kitchen 3K alongside Gordon Ramsay and three US Olympians for an episode of Hell’s Kitchen .  Well, we never really finished the 3K because of time?  Or was it that one of the contestants running just couldn’t keep up so we cut it short?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that the highlight of the day wasn’t the salmon, or the sweet potato fries or the banana berry smoothie or the fresh green salad . . . it was hearing Gordon Ramsey call the Blue Team a “bunch of fuckwits.”

During the run, though, we all had to run at the same pace for the show, so at one point a extra said, “Look at me, I’m keeping an Olympic pace,” in regard to the 3 olympians running with us. I almost said, “Yeah, special olympics, maybe.”

I also made as many faces as possible into the camera as I was running which will likey result in a lot of me being on the editing room floor.

But hey, I got a T-Shirt out of it!

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