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329/365 – Hard at Work, Or Hardly Working?

Busy bee am I.  Just buzz buzz buzz.  Weeeee.  Just zipping around.  Getting things done.  Making the rounds.  Feeling the feel.  Pooping the chud.  Chewing the fat.  Creeping the FB.  Writing . . . Damn it, I’m busy.

Today has been one of those rare Sundays where I get up super early and just work till I realize it’s 7pm.  So, really, no particular thoughts for you today.  Nothing particularly exciting to relay.  Just writing coverage, editing and relaxing with a nice game of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.  So, today, you get a video.  Cop out or out coping? . . . Shut up!

Anyway, this video is funny, in my opinion, but it also does something that I rarely am able to do with a film I like: find the plot holes. So, if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, don’t watch. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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