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334/365 – Informed

Things are busy.  But good.  I’m becoming more informed than I ever have before.  Reading the news websites and getting acquainted with politics again is giving me a ken sense of the world’s status.  And it’s all for comedy.  It’s not a bad deal being a monologue intern for Conan.  Really, I just get to work at 8:30am, and have a morning of deadlines: 9:15am, 10:15am and 12:30pm.

Of course, I’m kidding. Coffee runs are my real deadlines.

That whole time I’m reading news from all over the web and trying to get premises to the writers.  One of the summer monologue interns had told me that, yes, I would be more informed about the world than I have ever before.  However, when I come home, my wife will say, “Hey did you hear about . . . (fill in the blank)” and I’ll probably cut her off and say, Yeah, yeah — I heard it.  Or at the very least, finish her thought.  And yes, this has happened.

What? I heard about the sex scandal . . . Ohhhh, you want a sex scandal.

More so, this is such a great time to be a monologue intern with the election coming up.  So much fodder for us to use.  See, when an election comes around, most comedy outlets have higher ratings because they utilize everything form the election.  SNL, The Daily Show, all late night programs — politics make comedy soar.

In any case, if anyone was interested, here are some of the 42 websites I browse everyday: CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, LA Time, Chicago Sun Times, Reddit, Twitter, Deadspin, Newser, Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, The Guardian Unlimited, BBC News . . . etc etc etc.


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