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Monthly Archives: August 2012


315/365 – Driving Motivation

When I was living in Chicago, going out was no problem.  If I was invited anywhere, I would just hop in my bike, a bus or the train and whip on down to said bar/apartment/eatery/theatre/snuff film shoot . . . you know, anywhere where my presence […]

Hold on.  Let my assistant get the reward from the "vault."

314/365 – Unhealthy

Hey!  Guess what?  It’s like 10pm and I’m almost finished with unpacking.  It’s pretty amazing.  Yeah!!!! But now I am seeing what all my inactivity is doing to me.  I feel gross, weak and out of breath.  What happened to all that Bikram Yoga I […]


313/365 – Unpacking, Unpacking, Unpacking . . .

The absolute only way I’m ever going to help Megan feel acclimated is to get this damn apartment unpacked and in order.  It’s just sucks.  Really.  When you look at your new space, see all of your own possessions, all scattered around, in boxes and disorganized, […]


312/365 – Fuün Tersjks with Ikea

Legos where my thing when I was a kid . . . Legos and GI Joe.  I’ll save The Real American heroes for a post about my love of warfare with laser guns that have 0% accuracy.  Here I’m preaching about Legos.  Those unbeleivable bulilding […]


311/365 – And . . . Cue Dreams

5:23pm.  Returning to my desk at the PGA. I sit down and look at my laptop.  There’s an e-mail form a Mr. Clark – the writers assistant at Conan . . . This has to be the results of the monologue internship test. Now, usually, […]

John Frederick Lewis-628646

310/365 – Like Moses Through The Desert

Finally.  FINALLY, we get to spend the night in our own apartment.  We’re like the Israelites returning home after wandering the desert for years.  It just feels like since May 21, we’ve been without a country – without a home – nomads, searching for a […]


309/365 – 8 Events That Ruined Sports (for me)

I got a chance to watch the women’s Olympic marathon today.  Impressive!  It made me miss the days when I really enjoyed watching the Olympics.  I know! Surprise, surprise, surprise! See, I run often.  I used to run about a 7.30 mile.  I was decent. […]

Ford Police Interceptor Concept

308/365 – Practical Uses For Impractical Toys

Saturday.  Usually a day of rest.  For some.  I’m just busy and anxiously awaiting the results from the Monologue test.  But, I got a chance to go to the new apartment and all I want to do is display my art toys on the built […]

November 10, 2010 SSS 055

307/365 – Monologue Test

I just finished the test.  The monologue test for Conan.  I’ve been talking about it for days.  You must know what it is by now.  NO?  Look at yesterday’s post for some details . . . Okay.  So, at noon I went full force.  I […]


306/365 – Test Prep

Okay, so here’s how the Conan test will go.  At noon, tomorrow, Friday the 3rd of August, I (and 7 other applicants) will have exactly one hour to write 10 joke premises.  NOTE: not jokes but premises- i.e. a basic set up: “Yesterday, Prince William […]


305/365 – Serrano Ave

All things change . . . positions.  Or, nothing stays put for long.  Um . . . to every thing, turn, turn, turn . . .  Damn it.  I’m saying it’s moving day, for crying out loud.  YES, another move.  So many moves.  Moves every […]