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338/365 – I Have The Fortitude of a Fat Cat

I hope that got your attention.  If it didn’t, I have plenty more fake post titles I can subject you to.  See, this is one of those days I’ve hot nothing… just the fortitude of a dead cat.  That’s it.  Yes, the Democratic National Convention is going on, but I spend all day writing about that stuff for Conan, so I feel drained by the time I get to my blog.  It’s been a hell of a long time since I actually wrote a list post, but I have no lists in my head to share.  I can share other lists . . . I guess.  Like this one about the top fried foods at the Texas State Fair.

Deep fried butter is marketed to this guy.

Did that not take up enough of your time to be considered a a real blog read?  For crying out loud.  Here, see what your secret service name is, then.

What’s yours?  Mine is “Stumbler.”

Feeling like you got your money’s worth on teh free blog you don;t pay any money for?  NO?  Who are you paying?

Okay, here, I’ll let someone else tell you how to waste your day.

Listen, people, I have my own time to waste.  Giving you suggestions seems like a good use of my time, and I’m trying to avoid that.  Here, test your logo knowledge.

If this hasn’t satiated your appetite for tome wasting, then just go to cracked.com and find better reading sources there.  Or just go here.

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