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348/365 – And Now A Message From The Other Half.
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348/365 – And Now A Message From The Other Half.

As a birthday present, Megan will write this post for me.  I mean, this is a blog called MeganandTimmy.com, for crying out loud.

Take it away Megan!

Today is my husband’s birthday. That means a whole new section of cards to choose from at Walgreens. Very exciting! Lesson learned….most of the birthday cards for husband assume that I’m a 50-something woman who loves roses, reminiscing about walks on the beach and nagging my husband about mowing the yard while he watches football.

Oh Husband, BEE-HAVE!

For some reason, society believes that birthdays have to get boring the older you get. When you are little, birthdays are all roller coasters, new toys, pizza parties and eating ice cream until you get sick. As you get older….many just turn to the polite dinner at Olive Garden and a sensible sweater from JC Penney. And while that is perfectly fine for those that love never-ending soup, salad, breadsticks and cable knit goodness (lord knows I love a nice soup, salad, breadstick combo), I don’t want this to happen to me or to Timmy for our birthdays.

Keep stirring.  This has to last allllllll year.

The first year I knew Timmy on his birthday, I wanted to make it special. So, some friends and I got together and did a full scale scavenger hunt for him. But, it wasn’t just slips of paper left here and there…no…he had to get clues from his friends who were in disguise across the city. We received taped clues that he would play in a tape player we gave him (no, this was not 20 years ago…tape players still exist). Then, he would be off to find the next clue. The last clue led him to a fun dinner with his friends at a mexican restaurant in Chicago named Cesar’s (home of the killer margaritas).

Also the name of a man who just killed a lot.

Great time.

The next year, I helped to plan Timmy’s surprise party at a wonderful Scottish pub in Chicago called The Duke of Perth. I covertly invited Timmy’s friends and even got a bagpipe player. Timmy’s family was there. The party was great. Timmy was surprised. And everyone enjoyed Timmy’s cake, which was covered in an awkward picture of Timmy when he was a teenager. Ever eaten your loved one’s face? That’s a party!

Well, actually, Megan . . .

To make a long story short (too late….that’s a Clue reference for those who care), I like doing events and activities for Timmy’s party. I love him like crazy, and I like doing things that make him happy. This year, we went bowling, and Timmy gets a surfing lesson! That’s so Keanu!

Because Timmy still can’t form coherent sentences.

Have fun! Do stuff! Birthdays are great! Whether you are 7 or 70, party like you mean it. That doesn’t mean you should get crocked every year (I mean, you can…), but it means you should embrace your birthday and your birthday party.

Wear a party hat. Carry a balloon. Eat so much cake you get a tummy ache. Ask for a toy for your present. Get drunk. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Do something that scares you. Do something you love more than anything. Go out and explore the world on your day of birth.

You were born! Embrace it!

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