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354/365 – Guess What . . .

. . . I’M STILL SICK.  Seriously.  This is beginning — NAH, screw that — This blows monkeys.  Not literally.  That’s gross.  No, I can’t even remember the last time a sickness has taken over my life for this long.  I’ve had to cancel meetings, appointments, this blog, writing . . . it’s really screwing around with my life.  I have to get better.  So, I’m taking the blog off today.  Just watch this stupid video.  It has nothing to do with being sick or ill or anything.  I just found it . . .

Actually, it has everything to do with this post because while booze BUILT America, this past weekend, it destroyed me. Or, better yet, it destroyed my immune system leaving me susceptible to whatever illness is taking over my life. Thanks booze, you jerk.

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