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360/365 – Picture Lock . . . For Real This Time!

Tonight, I drove out to Playa Del Ray (right next to the LA Airport) to try and lock down my thesis film (Super) Dan. We still had to get the first scene fixed with appropriate speed ramps. If that sounds weird, think about what I was feeling with that task . . . it sounds monumental. We had been talking about this process for months: do we use Final Cut? Do we use After Effects? Should we hire a motion graphics guy? Should my editor frined in Chicago finish this? Can we do it ourselves? Can we use a 3rd party product. We tried that and it wouldn’t work . . .

Yeah, in short, a shit storm.

But is was really a relatively easy process.  It was just kind of . . . done.  And with anti-climatic applause, (Super) Dan is officially locked.  Still alot of work to do, but all the same, IT’s LOCKED.

So I’m gonna take a rest.  Talk to you tomorrow.



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