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362/365 – Failing With Confidence

Man, the last week of this blog has been chop full of improv talk.  Blah blah improv blah blah comedy blah blah yes and . . . Sorry about that all 5 of my readers.  I also apologize ahead of time as I’m about to venture into another improv topic.  Don’t hurt me.

I hope that’s an improv knife behind your back.

Here’s the thing about short form improv . . . what’s short form improv?  Why, I’m glad you asked that one reader who didn’t go straight to Perez Hilton after finding I was going to rant about improv again . . . I like you.  What are you doing later?  Want to go to an improv show? . . . Shit.  Um, he left . . . .

Um, So . . . CUPCAKES!

So many cupcakes!

Oh, so now you all come back.  All . . . 456 of you.  Holy cow!  A record.  Okay.  So there once was a little cupcake named “Yummy.”  Yummy loved . . . to improvise?  WAIT!  Don’t leave . . . Yummy is still a cupcake and he has tons of cupcake friends . . . like, Yes And . . . Yester . . . Esther?  Esther the cupcake.

Just because Esther is an old person’s name doesn’t mean she’s an old cupcake.

There we go . . . 500?  500 readers!  Where have you guys been all year? . . . Doing improv?  Ha ha.  Very funny.  No, you, reader number 45, don’t get a cupcake.  Everyone else gets a virtual cupcake.  Yes, a virtual cupcake.  I can’t just jam a cupcake into my computer.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  Caps lock has never been the same.  Besides, the day they invent a way to send a cupckae through a computer screen is the day . . . I send a cuupcake through a computer screem.  Okay?

Oh, don’t worry, I still ate that smashed cupcake.

Yes, reader number 1, even you get a cupcake.  You’ve always been here for me so I made you a special virtual cupcake.  It’s made with love.

And by love I mean the kind that suffocates you.

So, all 500 of you, let me just say a few things about short form improv . . . SERIOUSLY?  You’re leaving again.  Fine, give me back “Yummy” and all his cupcake friends.  It’s all or nothing people.  I’m tired, I’ve been writing this blog for almost a year, and I just want to tell you some simple things about short form improv . . is that so hard?

Let’s make a deal, I’ll give ou all a virtual cupcake if you let me say a few lines about short form improv . . . 5 lines? . . . NO?  Jesus Christ.  Fine.  4 lines about short form for a cupcake? . . . 3 lines?  Then you only get half a cupcake . . . Final offer.  3 and a half lines about short form improv and you all get a whole virtual cupcake . . . yes, even you number 45.  Deal? . . . Deal.  Good.

Pamela, my virtual cupcake maker is busy staring into nothingness while her assistant make your virtual cupcakes. So, be patient.

Here we go —

Short form improv demands that the participants have a reserve of unbelievable energy and confidence.  Whether you are hosting a game or playing a game, fail with confidence and the audience will LOVE you for it.  Don’t be wishy washy and bumble around or you will lose them.  It’s a good life lesson to allow your failures to happen and be —

Fine,  Take your cupcakes.  Thank god I only have 3 more of these.


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  1. Linda Asbell
    Posted 6 Oct ’12 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    I’ve loved your year of writings. You have kept me entertained and given me a glimpse into your life. You will go far. Plus you are a great person!!

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