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You'd think it was a jewish wedding.

1/365 – Good Morning

GOOD MORNING After an outstanding wedding, being surrounded by people from every facet of our lives, we went to sleep on a ten month journey and waited for the morning to come . . . I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what […]


The First 365 Days

  Well, the wedding has come and gone, but we have a whole year of marriage to get used to this, so what do we do?  BLOG!  Welcome to THE FIRST 365 DAYS!  Tune in every day for a little slice of what its like […]

Microsoft Word - Meet&Greet Invite.doc

Meet and Greet!

Megan's family were introduced to Omaha on February 26th, 2011.


Save The Date!

This is the design for our “save the dates.”  Pretty awesome, huh.  This was lovingly designed by Zak at 1187 Creative in Carbondale, IL.  This is where Megan’s dad, Leo, works. After long discussion, Megan and I decided that we wanted a early 60’s Mod […]