How We Met – Megan's Side


Megan’s Side:

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It was partly sunny the day in 2005 that Timmy Tamisiea came into my life. Well, technically, he came into my life through e-mail, so I guess it was whatever weather it is inside the Internet. Our friend, Erin Pallesen, knew Timmy through his classes at Improv Olympic (now IO, thanks to a lawsuit brought up by the Olympic committee), and he decided to invite Timmy to a little group of improvisers and downtown corporate slaves known as Lunch Club (patent pending).

Every day, the members of Lunch Club would e-mail each other with jokes, stories, quizzes and random facts to keep us entertained during the drudgery of work. We would also meet for lunch as often as possible at four-star eateries like the Nordstrom mall food court and the NBC building food court. This was a tight, special group of friends. Newcomers, at least in my mind, were welcomed only after intense scrutiny and questioning. When Erin introduced Timmy via e-mail, he informed the group that this cool guy who he had improv class with worked downtown and would be a great addition to our Lunch Club.

I was not so sure.

Who was this guy to just infiltrate a friend group over the Internet? What was his deal? OK…I will be the first to admit…I was pretty judgmental.

After being a presence on e-mail for a few days, Timmy came to the physical manifestation of Lunch Club…lunch. I first laid eyes on Timmy that day at lunch. Much to my confusion, he was really cute and nice. We began talking, and I gave him the third degree that first day. Where was he from? What did he do? Where was his favorite place to buy western-style shirts?

After several lunches together and numerous questioning sessions, I began to drop my guard. This guy was really nice and cute, and I was very ok with having him around. We began walking back to work together and developing a nice friendship and an even nicer crush.

We were friends for a while, and, then, we were more. Ask his brother Pat, Erin Pallesen, Meredith Baron or Pat Dwyer for more details on that…

For several months, Timmy and I went on dates. Then, we decided not to date exclusively — Then, we dated. — Then, Timmy decided that he didn’t want to date exclusively. — Then, he didn’t. — Then, I decided I didn’t want to date exclusively. — Then, I didn’t.

Yeah, sometimes love happens like that. What do you want from us? We were in our 20s.

Then…at a lovely New Years Eve Parry (s.i.c. — see Stephen Saffarewich for details), Timmy and I finally decided we were officially together. It was love, and we were both very ok with that.

Five years of memories, dinners, movies, job changes, plays, sketch shows, sketch groups, improv, improv bits, two presidential elections and one mayoral election later, Timmy and I are together and in love. In 2010, Timmy and I got engaged (see the “Our Engagement Story” page for more details on this).

I love him like crazy, and I can’t wait to be his wife. I am very, very glad that he came to lunch that day in 2005.