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The real Bella Itkin.  This was probably how she looked at me when I was trying to organize her library.  "Silly American boy."

342/365 – Inventing Funny

For some reason, improv shows attract people who think their ticket is also a performer’s pass.  To them, improv means that they get to be a part of the show too!  Maybe, just MAYEB if they yell out whatever they want, they can be part […]


266/365 – Gary Oldman; Preacher of Truth.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Meagan and Timmy blog (also known as Timmy and Timmy blog) then  you know about my acting roots.  Also, if you’re a frequent reader of the Megan and Timmy blog then you’re probably my mom, mother-in-law or my […]


220/365 – Directing Workshop

Today I am heading to the film building for one last hurrah.  I probably won’t set foot in that building for a very long time.  Bruce Sheridan, the chair of the film department and my thesis advisor, has asked me to help give a diretcing […]


200/365 – A Message From Jenna

Megan’s been looking up auditions in LA.  I want her to be happy and able to continue her acting when we move.  Ironically, I found this posted on Facebook — a blog post by Jenna Ficher; the woman who reminds me of Megan.  I think […]

Success Bar

132/365 – The Theatre Success Curve

Just got back from performing improv for hundreds of kids at Eureka College in central Illinois.  Tons of fun.  Hadn’t had a performance since September.  Performing, especially comedy, is a rush like no other.  It exhilarating – chemically, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes, after a great […]

How I imagine Mathew McCounoughhey waits for a call back.

23/365 – If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life

If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life If there’s one thing an actor may know better than most is the sting of rejection and disappointment.  While other people work hard for months or years to find a job and receive a dozen rejections, the light […]