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295/365 – Bender & Fry

Before I met Megan . . . Before I decided I wanted to make films . . . Before I thought I could be an actor . . . before drinking and girls and sex and puberty there was a little dream — NO!  Not […]

Not that Oblivion . . . But a man can wish.

159/365 – Captain Fingermask

Right now, I have a uge task in front of me — I have to write a treatment for a TV show.  I want to write for TV so much.  However, its so hard to wrap my head around the TV format.  Especially since you […]


145/365 – Gate(wood) to Animation

Hey gang.  Wow, did you read that piece of crap I wrote yesterday (5 minutes ago)?  That was awful . . . and the crap will keep coming.  Like todler with stomach cramps. Well, get ready for more abbreviated commentary and a giant make up […]