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A what?!  No!  I just want to to tease some poor guards over there.  how dare you assume I would want to do . . . that.

323/365 – Old Habits . . .

I did it again.  No, I didn’t play with your heart.  If I had done that I would have said, “Oops, I did it again.” What I did do was to allow myself to get sucked into a video game time warp.  Again.  Yeah, I […]

We'll write the game off as part of our apartment search.

274/365 – Nerd Reward (For Being A Baby)

Oh, God.  Am I one of those people who needs to shop to feel better about my life?  I hope to god I’m not.  But all evidence points to — Waaa Waaa, I’m a baby.  I’m tiered or looking at apartments.  I want a treat! […]


156/365 – Video Game as History Lesson

Listen – all you posers out there bashing video games as crap for the brain, the ultimate stupid makers and artless participatory violence can suck it.  Especially you, Rodger Ebert!  Especially when there’s so much drawing and conceptualizing, writing and scripting that goes into a […]