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182/365 – Nerd Cred

My whole life I’ve been building up my nerd cred.  It’s like street cred but with more desperate attempts at losing one’s virginity.  From wearing Spider-Man PJs to owning over 3500 comics, my nerd status is pretty well established.  But there’s been one aspect of […]


101/365 – BATTLESTAR!

If you have not seen Battlestar Galactica, you need to get off your lazy ass, stop stereotyping sci-fi shows and buy the DVDs now.  I’m not joking.  Do it!  NOW!   I can wait . . . . Are you watching it.  No, you’re reading […]

I find it weird that she wears sunglasses when she works.  Is she looking at me or her work?  FOCUS ON ME!

87/365 – A Day With Megan

One of the perks that I get with Megan working for Groupon is that sometimes she gets to work from home.  When this happens, while she has to focus on work, I still get the benefit of having her around during the day.  We can […]