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Tag Archives: Birthday

Tag Archives: Birthday

I mean, really, how did he know?

349/365 – A Little Midwest Wisdom

Well, yesterday was my birthday but today is my partaaaay day.  What!  What!  Yeaaaaaa BOOOOYYYYE!  I’m getting all 1990 in this shit! Okay.  That’s over.  For now.  I can’t promise what will happen later tonight when I’ve had a few.  See, tonight I’m meeting some […]


348/365 – And Now A Message From The Other Half.

As a birthday present, Megan will write this post for me.  I mean, this is a blog called MeganandTimmy.com, for crying out loud. Take it away Megan! Today is my husband’s birthday. That means a whole new section of cards to choose from at Walgreens. […]

Isn't that right,

347/365 – Oh, Tell The Old Man In The Kitchen to SHUT UP!

Listen, I’m well aware of my age.  Just because you aren’t doesn’t mean I’m not.  It’s also no big secret that for the first time in my life I’m hiding my age from the public.  This isn’t some kind of midlife crisis or some ruse […]

Don't tell me this isn't creepy.

285/365 – COMIC CON, Y’ALL! (and megan’s birthday)

Relationships are complicated.  They’re hard.  They can be just weird.  However, when I look at my relationship with Megan, I find no complications.  It’s why I married her — she makes everything seem so easy.  No drama.  No head games.  She gets me and I […]


259/365 – Dean’s 70!

If you all know my dad, Dean Tamisiea — and I know ALL of you do — I mean, it’s Dean Tamisiea . . . of the Tamisieas?  Come on, readers, do your research . . . I’ll wait . . . Got it?  No. […]


258/365 – Final Prep

Pat and I ran around Omaha all day today, doing our best to get Dad’s surprise party off the ground.  Grocery shopping, buying kiddie party favors, a model battleship with paints . . . you know, planing a 70 year old’s birthday party.  Then we […]


205/365 – Megan’s Birthday Gift

I know her birthday is a few months away, but I found the perfect gift for Megan . . .  

A picture's worth a thousand words . . . or looks . . . Angelica looks.

203/365 – Angelica

Today we’re celebrating my friend Angelica Jade Bastién’s birthday (It was April 17th).  AJB!  She’s turning 12.  No!  Not 12.  23?  I don’t know.  It’s her birthday.  That’s all you need to know.  She works with me at the Screenwriting center and she’s the most […]

That tomato will never know more happiness as Tammer ends it's existence.

38/365 – Tammer the Hammer! Part 2. THE PARRY

To read Tammer the Hammer: Part 1, click here. When we last left Tammer the Hammer, he had made his digital mark on the Chicago scene with his MySpace page.  Can he live up to the hype . . . Muscle Milk and Billy Blanks […]


25/365 – 5 Awesome Things My Older Brother Jimmy Taught Me

Today , October 26th, is my brother Jimmy’s birthday.  He would have been 40.  He passed away in 2008 and if there’s anything I regret in life is never having had Megan meet him. Granted, there were no opportunities to introduce the two, but she […]