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364/365 – Dog Boss

I’ve been hired to help write videos for a new website that will be popping up soon.  Well, hired is a string word.  More like offering my time.  No pay.  But, like all of your early creative endeavors, you usually work for free.  Then that […]


338/365 – I Have The Fortitude of a Fat Cat

I hope that got your attention.  If it didn’t, I have plenty more fake post titles I can subject you to.  See, this is one of those days I’ve hot nothing… just the fortitude of a dead cat.  That’s it.  Yes, the Democratic National Convention […]

If only Al had known about Skyrim.

65/365 – Red Eyes Tamisiea

I have written 5 opening sentences to this blog post.  I have deleted 5 opening sentences to this blog post.  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m desperately trying to stay sane.  But in order to stay sane, I need sleep.  But sleeping, to […]