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253/365 – LEGOS!

Listen, readers.  It’s been a long three weeks.  While the dates of the past 20 or so posts have been correct of calendar references, they’ve been written way past those dates.  Today, I catch up (actually, it’s tomorrow).  I’m at the final catch-up post and […]

Seriously, guys.  This is ridiculous.  Its only a straight line.  How hard can it be?

22/365 – Farewell/Hello

Farewell / Hello I took ANOTHER shift at the Skybox so that I can afford my glamorous life.  Weeeeee.  But tonight, when I got off work, I went to the Second City Main Stage to see my friend Tim Mason off.  He’s been performing at […]

Who Bat-farted?

16/365 – Na na na na na na na na CATCH UP!

CATCH UP Okay.  I’ve come to a conclusion about blogging.  Not everyday will be filled with prolific insights and enlightening satire.  No.  Some days I will have nothing to write about.  Today is somewhat like that.  I have lots to write, but, again, I’m playing […]

So much blogging.  Don't know where to start.

13/365 – Mr. Clean

MR. CLEAN All I’ve done today is clean and organize.  I’m sure this goes for a lot of people, but the surest way to give the allusion of life control is to clean your apartment.  And that’s what I’m doing.  Hurricane Tamisiea/Green Wedding is over, […]