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No, wait!  I was just kidding.  You're really pretty . . . come back . . .

67/365 – 4 Ways Skyrim Confirms My Real Life Behavior

I read in a very reputable periodical¬†(still searching for that very reputable periodical) that when a player is presented with a decision in a video game, they will rarely stray from their own moral and decision-making compasses. In essence, who you are in the real […]

How I imagine Mathew McCounoughhey waits for a call back.

23/365 – If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life

If The Actor’s Life were Everyone’s Life If there’s one thing an actor may know better than most is the sting of rejection and disappointment. ¬†While other people work hard for months or years to find a job and receive a dozen rejections, the light […]