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About a week or so ago, I wrote a post entitled “10 Items From my ‘What The Hell’ Christmas List.”    In it I detailed 10 gifts I’d love but know I’d never get.  Well, guess what?  Patrick Tamisiea came through!  You see, for the […]

So dirty.

85/365 – A Kentucky-rific Christmas

It’s CHRISTMAS, y’all.  I am in the south . . . sort of.  Kentucky is a weird state where some say its the south and some don’t and people in Wiscinsin will say, “Yeah, you’re in the south,” and people in Georgia will say, “Hell […]

Look at him. He's saluting Jesus.  How cool is that?  Santa's awesome.

79/365 – Best Buy: The Santa Bully

Santa Claus is great.  Come on, really.  Out of all the imaginary holiday folk heroes, Santa is the best.  The Easter Bunny just breaks into your home, poops out a bunch of eggs, and hopes you find them.  Three weeks later, that odor you can’t […]

Minus the dead parents and I'm all good.

73/365 – 10 Items From My “What The Hell” Christmas List.

We’re officially 13 days away from Christmas.  That’s 13 whole days for you to buy everything you need to convince your loved ones that the are, indeed, loved ones.  May that be a toy or a diamond or a contract killing – you’ll find a […]


70/365 – XMAS PARTY!

My mom and step-dad, Larry, are in town.  That’s right.  Megan’s new Mother-in-Law and Step-Father-In-Law are in town to celebrate the Holidays.  We’re having our first (and possibly last) Christmas Party in Chicago as a Married Couple!  I put those all in caps because it […]

The made my "Yule Tide" into a cake.

62/365 – Christmas Music – Blech!

Merry Christmas!  Weeeee!  We all love Christmas.  Sometimes we love it so much we have to shorten it to X-Mas so that we don’t choke on our Yule Tide! This will be Megan and I’s first Christmas as a married couple.  I’m not sure it […]