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Don't tell me this isn't creepy.

285/365 – COMIC CON, Y’ALL! (and megan’s birthday)

Relationships are complicated.  They’re hard.  They can be just weird.  However, when I look at my relationship with Megan, I find no complications.  It’s why I married her — she makes everything seem so easy.  No drama.  No head games.  She gets me and I […]


284/365 – Three’s Company Land

Today, at 6pm, I leave Los Angeles and head to sunny San Diego . . . well, I mean, sunnier San Diego?  Um, just as sunny but further south San Diego? Whatever.  I’m heading down to San Diego to attend the biggest nerd event of […]

Come on, Bane.  I'll try to like you too.  Stop pouting.

282/365 – The Journey

The Dark Knight Rises might just be the only movie  that gives me heart palpitations as the release gets closer and closer.  The last film to do that was . . . The Dark Knight.  Okay, I really like Batman.  A lot.  It’s not just […]

This kid just discovered internet porn.  SURPRISE!

80/365 – PRESENTS!

Tonight, Megan and I officially celebrated our Christmas.  Well, we opened our gifts.  “Celebrating” implies that we partied and praised Jesus, etc . . . Nah.  We just sat on the couch, opened gifts and then watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Watching Battlestar Galactica […]