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278/365 – Feeling like Crap

Went into my PGA internship and after al the crap we ate yesterday, I feel hungover.  But I didn’t even drink anything.  Why do I feel so crappy.  Then there’s the fact that everyone in Hollywood has the day off but us — so there’s […]


275/365 – Like The Sands In An Hour Glass . . .

Remember Yesterday . . . how I bought 3 games for real cheap at Gamestop?  Yeah, that yesterday.  Well, today is the proof I needed of how awful of an idea that was.  See, video games cause one thing to happen . . .time to […]

We'll write the game off as part of our apartment search.

274/365 – Nerd Reward (For Being A Baby)

Oh, God.  Am I one of those people who needs to shop to feel better about my life?  I hope to god I’m not.  But all evidence points to — Waaa Waaa, I’m a baby.  I’m tiered or looking at apartments.  I want a treat! […]