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356/365 – End of Level One

Today was catch up day.  So much catch up because of my sickness.  Matter of fact, I had so much catch up to do that I can’t even remember what the hell this title of this post means.  “End Of Level One”?  I wrote this […]

I'm the one on the floor.  Megan is the one with the wrong time.

232/365 – The Day After

Uuhhhhhhhh.  Cough.  Ugh.  Sleep . . . . . . . . . . . . . What!?  Oh.  Hi.  Can’t talk.  Hung over.  Very tired.  Sick.  Queazy.  Too much fun.  Last night.  Sunday is today.  Need to pack.  Can’t speak full sentences.  Blew roof […]

Mischievous drunk.

228/365 – Cubs Win?

Eleven years ago I was living in New York City.  I was involved in a long distance relationship that had no end in site and I was deciding if I was gonna leave New York for greener pastures in Chicago.  The girl I was dating […]


217/365 – Skin So Soft

Today was the wedding of our great friends, Abby and Meredith.  One’s Jewish.  The other is Indian.  Let the wackiness begin. Actually, this wedding was so fun and so unique.  It made me miss these times when Megan and I were planing our wedding.  The […]


71/365 – Post Party

Well, we had an unbelievable xmas party.  We had kids and adults.  We had vegetables and cookies.  We had screenwriting center folks, North Face folks, old friends, new friends, improvisors and my family.  There was a trivia contest and we had awesome prizes.  Not jokes […]