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And there's a lot of turd out here in LA.  A lot.

316/365 – You Know Who Your Friends Are . . .

. . . when they help you move.  Am I right, gang?  Huh?  Huh? Seriously.  There’s nothing worse than having to move on your own.  Megan and I experienced that dreadful experience when we moved here.  We had our pal Andrew with us for a […]

Plus now I have time to make this sweet box fort!

233/365 – Final Prep

I’ve never been a procrastinator when it comes to big projects.  I need to start early and work in spurts.  Cramming is just not me.  Lot’s of people say they work best when working under pressure — especially time constraints.  I think that is bullshit. […]

Thank you Chicago Urinals for being there when we needed you the most.

231/365 – Miss Murphy’s & Sons

God damn.  I’m writing this post the day after our going away party and I can not remember a thing.  I was super drunk.  Supposedly I yelled at a bunch of fat girls and a cop — at the same time and almost got beat […]


229/365 – Time with Friends

When I left New York, I spent my final week trying to fit in every last tourist attraction I had neglected to see.  The Met.  Various restaurants.  The Statue of Liberty.  We had a going away party and it was fun but I felt like […]