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365/365 – Good Night

Part of my job at Conan is to stand in the isle of the studio audience during the commercial breaks.  Not too sure of the purpose other than keeping an eye out for people taking pictures or recording the show.  The few times I’ve done […]

My two favorite ladies: Grams Buchan and Megan.

236/365 – The Trip-Day 2: Omaha Part 1

Nothing like a good night’s sleep.  A real night’s sleep.  With Chicago about 300 miles behind us, Megan and I look forward to a relaxing two days in Omaha. First thing’s first; Legends Comics and Coffee.  My old pal David Demarco opened this shop this […]

Yeah, point that imaginary gun at your head - that's solve everything.

2/365 -Post Partum

POST PARTUM Yesterday, when Megan and I walked out of The Element Hotel, we saw our great Friday Night Bytes Friends waiting to go home to Chicago.  When I saw them leaving, it hit me.  This thing.  This arduous, wonderful, painful, time consuming, beautiful, sleep […]