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363/365 – What More Could A Girl Want?

Megan and I have had a casual relationship with horror films since our first movie date.  Way back in — oh, 2006 — we rented the film Ghost Lake.  There are only thre reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but they are as follows: Bad horror movies […]

That'll do.

30/365 – Bloody Hell

It’s HALLOWEEN, bitches! And there’s nothing scarier than real trauma, real blood and real self surgery.  That right, kids.  What did I do?  Well, I considered ritual murder or satanic worship but instead I slammed my finger in the front door.  Man that smarts!  Stop […]

I'm the best at what I do . . . fart.

29/365 – 12 Costumes that have made me Proud/Jealous.

We here at the Tamisiea household take Halloween very seriously.  If you’re going to go out in public with a costume, you better have the commitment, creativity and have done your research before you blaze that trail to pumpkin beer intoxication.  You can’t just slap […]


28/365 – Meet the Marsh-Boo-lows

Megan and I are headed to a Halloween Party tonight.  Yeah!   I love Halloween.  More than Christmas.  Tonight is a night of firsts.  It’s our first Halloween as a married couple.  My first time doing a couple costume (the Maitlins – wait till Monday’s […]

The 2011 Pumpkins in the Park Map

14/365 – Pumpkins in the Park

Pumpkins in the Park What is Pumpkins in the Park, you ask.  Why, good sir and/or madame, it’s Chicago’s Halloween themed 5k run in Lincoln Park.  The last and only time Megan and I participated in a 5k was the Shamrock Shuffle in 2009.  There […]